Your First Visit

The Consultation

The consultation usually lasts about 30 minutes. This time is dedicated to taking a detailed case history and an examination in order to assess the nature of your problem.

Your personal information will be looked after in accordance with our privacy statement.

You may be requested to undress to your underwear, but gowns are offered for your privacy. Unless further tests are required, such as X-rays, the reason for your complaint will be discussed with you. Your permission will be sought before any treatment is started. If we suspect that your symptoms are caused by a medical condition, we will refer you back to your GP.

We will also give you an approximate guide as to the number of treatments you may need. Where possible we try to include a treatment in your first visit.

The Treatment

The aim of the treatment is to relieve your pain and other symptoms. This will include treating your specific complaint as well as addressing any underlying causes, e.g. posture.

The treatment is a manual therapy using various techniques to ease the pain, tension and stiffness in the soft tissues and joints of the body. It may also include advice on exercises, occupational posture and fitness instruction.

Please allow up to 30 minutes for each treatment session.